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My story starts at 48 years old.

A year ago my career was on stuck, on a design grid. After 25+ years I decided to slide off the 
grid into another world: Planet Illustration. I thought I would jump in feet first and create an 
A-Z Animal Alphabet Picture Book and self publish it.

I began to develop my way of working. Before I knew it, half the alphabet was complete. Armed with my graphic design skills I laid out and art worked the book ready to print. My inky experiments unlocked the door into a world of colour, imagination and texture. My passion has always been children’s picture books..

My story is a little more complicated than that; I let go of being ashamed of my dyslexia. As soon as that happened I was free to draw and express myself in my own way. I love colour and creating images which my four year old self would enjoy. I constantly pick up and admire others' picture books, hoping one day mine will be joining them on a shelf in a local book store or fair.

You could say I am at the start of my new story.


A to Z animal alphabet



A-Z Animals Book Review

"I purchased 3 copies of this book when I first came across it. I'm always on the lookout for fun, interesting and visually inspiring children's books, and when I saw A-Z Animals I wanted to take it home and share it with my children, step-grandchildren and thier friends.

The illustrations in this book are what captivated me – Flo's use of colour, texture and form make for truly wonderful characters which make children want to pick up their own paintbrush, as well enjoy the book itself. My favourite character is Barrington Bear!

My children love this book and I would whole-heartedly recommend for any child. It makes for a unique and inspiring stocking filler this time of year."

Claire Nash – Felbridge West Sussex






Being able to share my work, having support and encouragement from my peers, friends and family is as wonderful as supporting creative people by sharing or buying their work which values their time, effort, heart and soul that goes into each piece. Buying handmade and supporting small independent businesses provides us with the ability to continually produce beautiful work and in turn enjoy a vibrant environment around us. Thank you Justacard.org for providing a creative platform to celebrate our stories and talents

Thank you Justacard.org for providing a creative 
platform to celebrate our stories and talents

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